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Lanolin Pharmaceutical Grade

Superb skin protector

Lanolin Pharmaceutical GradeAs well as being well tolerated by the body – it is approved for uses in ophthalmic emollients and as a food additive in chewing gum bases – lanolin is also of medical interest.

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has approved lanolin, a natural substance, for use as a food additive, e.g. as a base for chewing gum.

Anhydrous lanolin can act as a carrier for pharmaceutically active ingredients that have to be transported into deeper layers of the skin. In burns dressings, lanolin supports the wound healing process and enhances dermal repair.

The use of lanolin acids in topical products for cutaneous infections (e.g. acne) and deodorising toiletries ultimately underlines the versatility of lanolin and its derivatives.

Besides emollient and moisturising characteristics, lanolin's protective function includes antimicrobial and disinfectant activity on human skin.

Anhydrous lanolin medical applications(anhydrous lanolin USP,lanolin anhydrous EP)

Anhydrous lanolin is widely used in:& ointment bases, burns dressings and wound sprays

    • As an emulsifier, stabiliser and emollient
    • To support the wound healing process
    • To deliver active ingredients through the skin (trans-dermal);
  • Pigmented medications (e.g. zinc oxide), as a dispersing agent;
  • Topical products for cutaneous infections (e.g. acne) and in deodorising toiletries, as an anti-microbial and disinfectant.

Anhydrous lanolin other applications

Anhydrous lanolin is also used in:

  • Ophthalmic ointments, as an emollient with high physiological compatibility and low irritation potential;
  • Suppositories substantial base, as a carrier for active ingredients;
  • Surgical adhesive tapes, as an impregnating agent, plasticiser and skin-suited stack enhancer;
  • Chewing gum bases as a food additive (physiologically compatible emollient);
  • Pre-blended combinations for specific purposes, such as absorption bases.
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