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Lanolin Technical

Lanolin Technical

Lanolin composition

Lanolin Technical

About 97% of this pale yellow substance is a complex mixture of esters, formed by in-situ condensation reaction of high molecular weight (MW) alcohols with high MW fatty acids.


Esterified lanolin alcohols can be divided into three main sub-groups:

  • Steroids
  • Triterpenoids
  • Aliphatic alcohols.

The lanolin acid fraction consists of various branched and unbranched acids and hydroxy fatty acids.

The remaining 3% of the mixture is made up of free lanolin alcohols and small amounts of free fatty acids, hydrocarbons (paraffins), water and ash. Because lanolin is a natural product, the exact composition may vary slightly within a rigorously controlled limit.

 Lanolin is soluble in organic solvents like diethyl ether, chloroform and chloroform/methanol mixtures, but poorly soluble in ethanol. It does not dissolve in (but is mixable with) water, forming stable oil-water emulsions.


Lanolin characteristics and applications
Lanolin is excellent at preventing rust and protecting ferrous metals. Because of the polar nature of its components, lanolin adheres very well to metal surfaces (and much better than hydrocarbons).

 It's biodegradable and non-toxic, making it an ecologically friendly substance. Lanolin anhydrous is also compatible with numerous additives used to modify the consistency and characteristics of the resulting protective films.

 Although chemically classified as a wax, lanolin has all the physical properties of a grease. As a lubricant, technical-grade lanolin can be used as a cost-efficient anti-friction agent for many technical processes, especially those that require high biocompatibility.


Lanolin can be used in a wide range of technical applications.we also provide anhydrous lanolin cosmetic grade , lanolin anhydrous Industrial grade and lanolin medicine grade.Find out more below.