Anhydrous Lanolin Cosmetic Grade

Anhydrous Lanolin Cosmetic Grade

Wool wax is a natural substance, designed by nature to soften both skin and wool fibres, and to protect them against adverse weather conditions.

Anhydrous Lanolin USP23

Anhydrous Lanolin USP23

The best known uses of refined wool wax products (lanolin and lanolin derivatives) are in medicine, cosmetics and toiletries, which take advantage of these natural protective qualities.

Anhydrous Lanolin main cosmetic applications

The emollient care effects of lanolin BP and its derivatives are harnessed in a wide range of:
Skin creams (such as Nivea® Crème, night creams, cold creams, barrier creams and vanishing creams)
Sunscreen lotions.

However, the complex composition of lanolin makes it a real natural all-rounder.
In soaps it acts as a superfatting agent, minimising dehydration of the skin.
Lanolin oil is used as gloss-enhancing agent in lip glosses.
In lipstick it can function as a crystal inhibitor.
In shampoos and shower gels, as a conditioner.
In hair waxes, as a naturally protective firming component.

Anhydrous Lanolin other cosmetic applications
Anhydrous lanolin BP is also widely used in:
Foundation creams and other skin-cream products as an emulsifier, stabiliser, emollient and skin moisturiser;
Oil-based skin lotions and cleansing oils as a skin moisturiser and to control viscosity;
Toilet soaps as a superfatting agent, minimising the dehydrating effect of detergents, and to retain perfume;
Aftershaves as a skin moisturiser and to control viscosity;
Nail polish removers to prevent the defatting of the surrounding skin;
Lipsticks and eye make-up as a film modifier and crystal inhibitor, for more uniformly dispersed pigment;
Hair dressings and shampoos, as a conditioner against drying, scaling and brittleness of the hair shaft;
Hair sprays, as a plasticiser;
Hair bleaching agents, as a pH-stable emulsifier.

A key ingredient

Anhydrous Lanolin is a key ingredient in some of the world’s most popular cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Without it, they would not have the emollient qualities that protect and care for our skin and hair.

Anhydrous Lanolin  BP2000

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