Lanolin Pharmaceutical Grade

Lanolin Pharmaceutical Grade

Superb skin protector

As well as being well tolerated by the body – it is approved for uses in ophthalmic emollients and as a food additive in chewing gum bases – lanolin is also of medical interest.

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has approved lanolin, a natural substance, for use as a food additive, e.g. as a base for chewing gum.

Anhydrous lanolin medical applications(anhydrous lanolin USP,lanolin anhydrous EP)

Anhydrous lanolin is widely used in:& ointment bases, burns dressings and wound sprays

As an emulsifier, stabiliser and emollient

To support the wound healing process

To deliver active ingredients through the skin (trans-dermal);

Pigmented medications (e.g. zinc oxide), as a dispersing agent;

Topical products for cutaneous infections (e.g. acne) and in deodorising toiletries, as an anti-microbial and disinfectant.

Anhydrous lanolin other applications

Anhydrous lanolin is also used in:

Ophthalmic ointments, as an emollient with high physiological compatibility and low irritation potential;

Suppositories substantial base, as a carrier for active ingredients;

Surgical adhesive tapes, as an impregnating agent, plasticiser and skin-suited stack enhancer;

Chewing gum bases as a food additive (physiologically compatible emollient);

Pre-blended combinations for specific purposes, such as absorption bases.

Anhydrous Lanolin USP23

Anhydrous Lanolin USP40

Anhydrous Lanolin EP IV

Anhydrous Lanolin EP V

Anhydrous Lanolin EP ELP