Anhydrous Lanolin EP ELP 3%

NO Item Lanolin Anhydrous EP ELP 3%
1 Color, Gardner 10 max.
2 Acid Value, mgKOH/g 1.0 max.
3 Saponification Value,mgKOH/g 90-105
4 Melting Point, °C 38–44
5 Peroxide Value, me/kg 10 max.
6 Water Abs. Capacity, % 200 min.
7 Ash, % 0.15 max.
8 Loss On Drying, % 0.5 max.
9 Chlorides meets Ph.Eur.
10 Water Soluble Acids/Alkalis meets Ph.Eur.
11 Water Soluble Oxidisable Substances meets Ph.Eur.
12 Paraffins, % 1.0 max.
13 Free alcohols, % 3.0 max.
14 Total Pesticides 1 ppm max.

Composition and Description

Anhydrous lanolin EP ELP is created by refining wool grease through several stages. Wool grease is a natural, renewable raw material that is obtained by scouring raw wool. The product complies with all current national pesticide residue regulations as well as the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia.


LANOLIN EP ELP 3% meets the requirements of the current European Pharmacopoeia and is characterized by its high purity, light color, low odor and very low pesticide level. It is purified by molecular distillation that results into less than 3% of free wool wax alcohols. Since it is manufactured gently in modern facilities, the initial peroxide value (measure of oxidation) is very low. Therefore LANOLIN EP ELP 3% does not need additional stabilizers. Nevertheless, a shelf life of 2 years is guaranteed. Upon request, BHT can be added as stabilizers.


Lowering the free lanolin alcohol content below 3% can almost entirely prevent any potential allergic reactions from lanolin. Since babies have sensitive skin or skin damage, high purity LANOLIN EP ELP 3% is particularly suited for use in baby creams and lotions.


Usage of LANOLIN EP ELP 3% is easy to use and it may be processed both cold and melted forms. It is non-hazardous and melts easily with a relatively low volatility. Prolonged heating above the melting point should be avoided. However, heat sterilization is possible.

Solubility at room temperature

Water: none; mineral oil: partially soluble; castor oil: soluble; oleyl alcohols: soluble; isopropyl myristate: partially soluble


stored cool, protected from light in containers and surface exposure to air should be kept at minimum.

Packaging sizes 50kg and 190 kg
Shelf life 2 years