Anhydrous Lanolin USP23

NO Item Lanolin Anhydrous USP23
1 Odor Odorless
2 Color, Gardner 10 Max.
3 Melting Point, 38 – 44ºC
4 Acid Value, mgKOH/g 1.10 Max
5 Ash, % 0.15% Max.
6 Loss on Dry, % 0.5 Max
7 Water Soluble Oxidizable Substances Meets USP requirements
8 Water Soluble Acids & Alkalies Meets USP requirements
9 Alkalinity Meets USP requirements
10 Petrolatum Meets USP requirements


Anhydrous lanolin of the cosmetic grade known as Promollient-AL (USP 23) complies with the 23rd edition of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).


It comes in the form of a yellow, semi-solid ointment with a faintly pleasant smell.

Lanolin is a cosmetic ingredient that can be used in pharmaceutical formulations as well as formulations for skin and hair care products, cosmetics, and soaps.


Fatty acids found in lanolin have a deep moisturizing effect and can restore skin without leaving a greasy feeling. It can stop the skin from sagging and getting prematurely wrinkled. Numerous skin conditions, such as burns, diaper rash, minor itches, and eczema, can be successfully treated with lanolin. Lanolin also helps to hydrate hair and keep it soft, malleable, and unbroken.

A fat obtained by washing sheep wool is used to make Lanolin USP23, a multi-stage refined product. Both cold and molten methods of processing are possible.

Water: none; mineral oil; partially soluble; castor oil: soluble; oleyl alcohols: soluble; isopropyl myristate: partially soluble

Stored under dry, cool and dark condition and avoid moisture, water or heat.

Packaging sizes 50kg and 190 kg
Shelf life 2 years