Vitamin D3 Crystalline 40 IU/g

NO Item Vitamin D3 Crystal 40 IU/G(Food Additive)
1 Content 98.0-102.0%
2 Identification Complies
3 Optical rotation +105°~+112°
4 Impurities Meet with CP/USP/EP

Vitamin D3 crystal is a white crystalline powder, odorless. It is refined from resinous vitamin D3 by esterification and hydrolysis.

Vitamin D3 crystal can be applied in food & feed industries, for pharmaceutical production and in veterinary treatment. Vitamin D3 is crucial for healthy bone, tooth growth and mineralization,. It also aids in keeping the body’s calcium levels balanced. Recent studies have also revealed new functions of vitamin D3 in regulating immune, neuromuscular, and cell growth.

Store in sealed containers under normal cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse.

Packaging sizes 20kg carton or 25kg drum
Shelf life 2 years