Food Additive Vitamin D3 Oil

NO Item Food additive vitamin D3 oil
1  Content 90%-110%
2 Acid value ≤2.0mgKOH/g
3 Peroxide value ≤20Meq/kg

Food additive vitamin D3 food grade oil is a clear transparent yellow liquid. It is made by dissolving vitamin D3 crystals in vegetable oil, vitamin E is used as an antioxidant. The D3 content is 1 Miu/g-5 Miu/g according to customer requirements.

Food grade Vitamin D3 promotes calcium and phosphorus absorption, which aids in maintaining strong bones and teeth, supports normal cell division, and maintaining a healthy immune system, including the inflammatory response to injuries and infections.

Store in sealed containers under normal cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse.

Packaging sizes 25kg carton
Shelf life 2 years