Resinous High Content Vitamin D3 Oil

NO Item Resin-like high-content vitamin D3 oil
1 Appearance Yellow to light brown, resinous solid
2 Potency not less than 22 million IU/G, up to 28 million IU/G or more.

In addition to fish oil, lanolin can be used to obtain vitamin D3. Lanolin is a far more affordable source of vitamin D3 than fish oil. The actions of Vitamin D3 from food or produced by lanolin are the same. It is advised to take the vitamin after a meal that contains some fat for better absorption.

Lanolin that has been crystallized is put in a special furnace where it is exposed to extremely potent ultraviolet radiation. This carefully timed procedure mimics how sunshine would affect the chemical, resulting in a synergy that produces resin-like high-content vitamin D3 oil.

Packaging sizes 25kg and 180kg drum
Shelf life 2 years