Lanolin Alcohol

Lanolin alcohol composition
Lanolin alcohol is lanolin’s primary derivative. Lanolin alcohol consists of a refined mixture of high molecular weight (MW) alcohols (the mean MW is 370).
The main fraction (75%) is composed of sterols and triterpene alcohols, of which cholesterol is the largest individual component (36%), followed by lanosterol, agnosterol and their dihydric derivatives.
Lanolin alcohol is a superior sole emulsifier and powerful emollient.

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Lanolin Alcohol Cosmetic

lanolin alcohol Cosmetic

Lanolin Alcohol Pastilles

lanolin alcohol  Pastilles

Lanolin alcohol:
A complex mixture of fatty alcohols produced from woolgrease, including significant quantities of cholesterol, lanosterol and dihydrolanosterol.About 50% by mass in woolgrease.Produced by the chemical splitting of the wool wax esters in woolgrease (process called saponification) and separation of the alcohol fraction from the fatty acid soaps also produced.Also known as lanolin alcohols.Very powerful oil-in-water emulsifier used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Main derivative produced from woolgrease.Starting material for manufacture of wool wax alcohols derivatives and cholesterol.

Lanolin alcohol product features
Free lanolin alcohols have a more potent surface activity than the esters in which they are usually bound as a result of their higher polarity. They are the source of the high water absorption capacity of lanolin .
Free and refined lanolin alcohol is an even more efficient absorbent, capable of taking up a larger multiple of its weight in water (WW). This makes it one of the most powerful non-ionic water-in-oil (w/o) emulsifying agents available.

Lanolin alcohol applications
Lanolin alcohols are produced from only the highest-grade wool grease, to meet the numerous pharmacopoeias’ strict requirements.
The waxy substance’s pale colour and mild scent makes it ideal for use as an emulsifier and stabiliser in cosmetics and toiletries, where whiteness and neutral odour are important.
One of the best-known moisturisers containing.

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