Characteristics of Lanolinic Acid

Lanolin acid are prepared by molecular distillation and refining. Lanolin acids are made up of fatty acids with a wide distribution of carbon (C9 to C34), so they prevent crystallization of cream and emulsion. It can also be used as soap foam changing agent, fatliquoring agent and so on.

Compared with stearate, the salt of long chain hydrocarbon in lanolin acid has stronger water resistance and better regulation performance, so it can be used in facial and eye cosmetics. Triethanolamine salt of lanolinic acid has O / W emulsifying activity, while its multivalent metal salt has strong W / O emulsifying activity.

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The Effect of Lanolin on The Skin

Lanolin is known for its ability to rejuvenate the skin. Baseball players usually use lanolin based products to replace new gloves because lanolin helps soften and shape the leather. Lactating mothers often use lanolin cream to relieve pain and dryness. Lanolin is also safe for infants and an appropriate local relief for lactating mothers.

Lanolin can also be found in dog shampoo and shaving cream. Not everyone can accept anhydrous lanolin, which may cause skin allergy. If there is any reaction or rash, it should be avoided. The cause of allergy to lanolin is usually allergy to wool from lanolin. Lanolin allergy can be particularly troublesome because a large number of products contain lanolin wax.

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Excellent Efficacy of Lanolin Skin Care Products

Lanolin is a natural skin lubricant that can add moisture to dry skin. In addition, it is also an emulsifier, which can prevent moisture loss and has a good effect on extremely dry skin. Lanolin contains vitamin E, which can clean up harmful acidic substances, replenish nutrients, improve skin elasticity, and delay aging. Products containing lanolin have a good repair effect on damaged skin and can promote cell regeneration. In addition, it can also improve the skin’s resistance to harmful substances, allowing the skin to be fully protected.

Lanolin is extracted from the cortex of sheep. Therefore, the healthy state of sheep determines whether the composition of lanolin is good or not. Good lanolin composition should be extracted from clean area and processed with advanced technology. Only good ingredients can achieve perfect skin care effect.

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The Defects of Crude Lanolin

At present, lanolin is extracted from the waste water of wool cleaning. Because of its excellent permeability at the body temperature, it can make the skin soft, comfortable and has good moisturizing property when applied to the skin. Therefore, it is widely used in medical ointment and cosmetics emulsifier, wetting agent and softener products.

In the existing crude lanolin products, there are a variety of impurities, including soil, dust, and plant debris. It contains more detergent and builder when washing wool. It also contains high-molecular protein impurities formed by feces, urine, blood, etc., decomposition products formed by the action of microorganisms on organic matter in lanolin, and inorganic salts called sheep sweat. The influence of other chemical components besides grease in lanolin. Therefore, the lanolin shows a dark brown color and has a significant odor, which affects the use or cannot be used at all. Especially for medical and cosmetic products, the requirements for lanolin are higher.

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The Effect of Lanolin on Pregnant Women

Lanolin is a kind of metabolized vegetable oil that adheres to wool velvet. It is a light yellow or yellow-brown cream-like substance. It is sticky and smooth, and the smell is weak and peculiar. Lanolin is soluble in chloroform or medical ether, and it melts in hot alcohol, but it does not melt in alcohol.

Lanolin can be used to supplement pure natural oil during pregnant women and breastfeeding, and can avoid and reduce sensitive or very dry nipples. It is also suitable for babies and adults with dry skin (e.g. cracked mouth). The burn department has this type of moist treatment, which can treat large areas of burns.Lanolin contains vitamin E, which can remove harmful acids, supplement nutrients, improve skin elasticity, and prevent aging.

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