Lanolin PEG75 

INCI NAME PEG-75 Lanolin
CHEMICAL NAME Lanolin Ethoxylated
CAS NUMBER 8039-09-6/ 61790-81-6
CHEMISTRY non-ionic, polyoxyalkaline Lanolin ether-esters derived by attaching hydrophilic groups to Anhydrous Lanolin, thereby imparting water solubility. They are available in either 100% active or 50% active forms.
DESCRIPTION pale yellow flakes water soluble lanolin/non-ionic surfactant.
APPLICATION In cleansing and skin care cosmetics, it serves as a conditioning agent and emollient. It moisturizes as well as softens and smoothes the skin. Because of these and other benefits, this ingredient is widely used in shampoos, body washes, and other personal care products as well as in commercial applications like industrial cleaning products.

Acidic and alkaline lotions and creams
Solubilization of ALA, perfume, vegetable oil, mineral oil to form clear aqueous and hydroalcoholic systems
Waterless hand cleaners
Dishwashing liquid detergents
Lotions and creams
Shaving cream
Anti-perspirant lotions and creams
Cologne and skin freshener
Hair preparations, conditioners and shampoos and relaxers
Hydrogen peroxide lotions and creams


NO Item Lanolin PEG-75
1 Appearance Yellow Flake Solid
2 PH value 6.0-7.5
3 Acid value,mgKOH/g ≤2.0
4 Loss on dry, % ≤1.0
5 Melting point 45-56℃
Shelf life 2 years