Super Lanolin Gardner 5

NO Item Super Lanolin (Gardner 5)
1 Odor Odorless
2 Color, Gardner 5 max
3 Iodine Value, g/100g 18 – 36
4 Water, % 0.25% Max.
5 Melting Point, 38 ºC – 44ºC
6 Acid Value, mgKOH/g 1.12 Max
7 Ash, % 0.1% Max.
8 Loss on Dry, % 0.3 Max
9 Saponification Value,mgKOH/g 90.0-105.0

Composition and Description
Super Lanolin is produced from the multi-stage refining of wool grease, a natural, renewable raw material which is obtained from the scouring (washing) of raw wool. It is low color and odorless.

It is recommended for use in cosmetic applications due to its consistently light color, can be used as an emulsifier, emollient, conditioner, and lubricant. It is widely used in creams, lotions, lip products, hair grooming aids, makeup, nail care treatments, and sun care products.

Water: none; mineral oil; partially soluble; castor oil: soluble; oleyl alcohols: soluble; isopropyl myristate: partially soluble

Stored under dry, cool and dark condition and avoid moisture, water or heat.

Packaging sizes 20kg,50kg and 190 kg
Shelf life 2 years