Lanolin Wax Standard

NO Item Lanolin Wax Standard
1 Color by Gardner ≤7.0
2 Free acid ≤0.5
3 Saponification value, mgKOH/g 90.0~105.0
4 Iodine Value, g/100g 18~36
5 Melting point, ℃ 45~52
6 Ash, % ≤0.1
7 Paraffin, % ≤1.0
8 Chloride, % Complies
9 WSAA Complies
10 Loss on drying, % ≤0.5
11 WSOS Complies
12 Hydroxyl value 20~35
13 Solvent residue Complies

CAS NO: 68201-49-0

Lanolin wax is a special type of wool wax used in medicine.The amount of natural esters with low emulsifying power has been decreased through fractional crystallization at low temperature without chemical changes.

Lanolin wax standerd is very similar to regular lanolin. But at higher temperatures, it produces more stable water-in-oil emulsions. It has effective emollient properties and is absorbed by the skin’s stratum corneum.

When compared to regular lanolin, Lanolin wax standard has a more opaque appearance. It has a firmer, less sticky texture.

Lanolin wax standard is used in creams for medical and cosmetic use, make-up products, dry scalp remedies, soaps and detergents, leather polishes or shoe creams.

The skin is noticeably softer after applying lanolin. The natural moisturizing qualities of lanolin smooth and enlarge cracked skin and cracks. Within an hour, the roughness of the skin is reduced by almost 40%. Very few cases of allergic reactions have been reported despite the fact that lanolin is used in numerous pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Insoluble in water; partially soluble in acetone, ethanol anhydrous, isopropanol anhydrous, mineral oil, isopropyl myristate.

Stored under dry, cool and dark condition and avoid moisture, water or heat.

Packaging sizes 50kg and 190 kg
Shelf life 2 years