At present, lanolin is extracted from the waste water of wool cleaning. Because of its excellent permeability at the body temperature, it can make the skin soft, comfortable and has good moisturizing property when applied to the skin. Therefore, it is widely used in medical ointment and cosmetics emulsifier, wetting agent and softener products.

In the existing crude lanolin products, there are a variety of impurities, including soil, dust, and plant debris. It contains more detergent and builder when washing wool. It also contains high-molecular protein impurities formed by feces, urine, blood, etc., decomposition products formed by the action of microorganisms on organic matter in lanolin, and inorganic salts called sheep sweat. The influence of other chemical components besides grease in lanolin. Therefore, the lanolin shows a dark brown color and has a significant odor, which affects the use or cannot be used at all. Especially for medical and cosmetic products, the requirements for lanolin are higher.

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