Lanolin is a kind of metabolized vegetable oil that adheres to wool velvet. It is a light yellow or yellow-brown cream-like substance. It is sticky and smooth, and the smell is weak and peculiar. Lanolin is soluble in chloroform or medical ether, and it melts in hot alcohol, but it does not melt in alcohol.

Lanolin can be used to supplement pure natural oil during pregnant women and breastfeeding, and can avoid and reduce sensitive or very dry nipples. It is also suitable for babies and adults with dry skin (e.g. cracked mouth). The burn department has this type of moist treatment, which can treat large areas of burns.Lanolin contains vitamin E, which can remove harmful acids, supplement nutrients, improve skin elasticity, and prevent aging.

Our company focuses on the production and research of lanolin products, the main products are lanolin fatty acid, lanolin alcohol and so on. Our company can adjust products according to customer needs and look forward to cooperating with more customers.